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I had been thinking alot about bonding cuben fiber seams instead of sewing them. The reason for this is that since the cuben is very thin, the small holes created by sewing actually perforates the material and therefore weakens the seam. This isn't an issue on low stress products, but it may be an issue on things like tarps or tents. I ended up purchasing a number of different adhesives and transfer tapes in order to see which one worked the best. I started by using a few 0.33 oz/yd cuben fiber samples and creating simple seams with the various adhesives and tapes. Testing consisted of pulling and peeling the seams by hand to see which ones held the best. I came to the conclusion that the Hysol brand adhesive was superior then any other I had tested. Now, I had to decide what to bond...a stuffsack seemed easy enough and I already had enough material for the job. It didn't take long to make, maybe an hour or so, but I had to let the seams dry overnight and they looked very cloudy and wet for a few days. It ended up turning out quite nice, weighed 2.8 grams, and could hold water without leaking a drop! I'm pretty sure this is the lightest stuffsack out there in this size. I actually replaced the drawstring and got it down to 1.5 grams since I took the picture.

Description: 0.33oz/yd Cuben fiber stuff sack with bonded seams. Completely waterproof with simple guyline closure. Size is 7" wide x 11" tall.

Weight: 0.05 oz (1.5 grams).

Notes: I have been using this stuffsack off and on for years. The seams are rock solid and show no signs of wear. As long as the contents of the bag are not sharp, I see no reason to feel this stuffsack will not last many trips.

Update: I have since made many bonded cuben fiber stuffsacks of various sizes and I have put together a tutorial on how my current technique is done. The link below will bring you to my youtube video.

Click here to watch a video on How To Make A Bonded Cuben Fiber Stuffsack