Titanium Wood Burning StoveTitanium Wood Burning StoveTitanium Wood Burning Stove
Titanium Wood Burning StoveTitanium Wood Burning StoveDouble Wall Titanium Wood Stove

The first titanium double wall wood burning stove I built was back in June of 2008. I ended up not persuing the project because I was unconvinced that the double wall design truly increased the efficiency of a wood burning stove. However, after using a bushbuddy for some time, I think my results were based on the small size of my stove. Therefore, I began looking into it again.

This particular stove is much larger than the original one I made and is designed to fit inside my titanium 1.4L pot. This titanium stove weighs 2.4 ounces but the low weight was not achieved by making a smaller version. It was achieved by using titanium for the entire structure except for the top and bottom caps which hold the titanium walls in place. The packed size of this is 4 1/2" in diameter and 3 3/4" tall. When the pot support is placed on the top rim, the stove becomes 5 1/4" high. The pot support can be stored in 2 seperate ways. It can either be placed inside the pot, as shown in the photo above, or it can be wrapped around the outside of the stove.

Before you look too closely at some of the components and question their non-professional look, I want to mention that my objective in building this stove was to perfect the technique for forming the end caps and then test the stoves efficiency. The pot support and fire grate are less than beautiful, but they will suffice for what I have planned. I did not want to spend the money on cutting them on the waterjet or welding them together until I work out some of the design details. Once I get the kinks figured, I'll make a proper stove and post it for you to see.

Description: An ultralight titanium wood burning stove designed to fit inside your cookpot during storage.

Packed: 4 1/2" Diameter X 3 3/4" Tall
Unpacked: 4 1/2" Diameter X 5 1/4" Tall

Weight: 2.4 oz (68 grams).

Test Results: This wood stove boils one (1) liter of water in 8 minutes.

A quick test out back of the house reveals that this wood burning stove performs much better than my previous versions. I was able to boil 1 liter of water @ 18*C in 8 minutes with an outside temperature of -3*C. I was impressed with its ability to continously burn fuel, and while I wouldn't consider it a product that can be loaded with wood and left to boil, it does have the benefit of requiring much less personal attendance than my previous designs. I can't wait to bring this out on a trip!

Notes: Check back for improvements and updates.